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Clive Carroll

Clive Carroll was born into a musical family that quickly discovered his talent and encouraged him in every way. After studying music, Clive was given the opportunity to play at a gig with UK guitar maestro John Renbourn, who would later become a friend and mentor. Renbourn was so bowled over by Clive's playing that he suggested that he record an album. Clive's first CD, "Sixth Sense" was greeted by the press as a breath of fresh air in acoustic guitar circles. Clive spent many years touring regularly with John Renbourn, and later with Tommy Emmanuel.

A highly sought-after acoustic guitar virtuoso, Clive has an incredibly broad repertoire at his fingertips, covering blues and jazz, Irish trad and classical, with his own compositions providing an exquisite finishing touch.

When the music press describes someone as an ‘incredible acoustic talent’ and ‘peerless’ and when people like Madonna are booking that same someone for their private parties, then you know that something pretty special is going on.